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Benefits of Pruning All Your Large Trees

Gardener pruning old tree with pruning shears
When you think of tree pruning, you likely think this type of maintenance is only required for fruit-bearing trees. Your large trees will all benefit from regular pruning. Here are reasons to call your tree specialist and have your landscape's evergreen and deciduous foliage professionally shaped.


An evergreen tree doesn't shed its leaves every season and includes pine, blue spruce, and other needled trees, along with a few leafing trees like the mountain laurel. Here are reasons to have an evergreen tree pruned.
Growth Control
An evergreen, left on its own, will continue to grow up and out. If you have many trees in your yard, an evergreen will quickly crowd out other trees and take sunlight away from growing species. Pruning an evergreen periodically will control growth and keep your yard looking well-kept.
Grass Protection
The thick branches of an evergreen keeps sunlight from reaching the ground. This results in large sections of grass underneath evergreens being eradicated or thinned out. Pruning evergreens to improve sunlight penetration to the ground protects your landscape.
Greater Attraction
Pruning an evergreen tree involves the removal of dead, drying, or warped branches. Your tree specialist takes into account the density of your evergreens along with their species to create an ideal shape for curb appeal and tree health.

The best time of year to prune evergreen trees is when they are dormant or not producing new growth for the season yet. Early spring to the middle of summer are the best times to prune an evergreen tree.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are shrubbery that lose their leaves in the fall so they are bare in the winter. Here are some of the many reasons to prune your large deciduous trees.
Shade Production
A huge benefit of a deciduous tree is shade provided to your yard. Pruning your deciduous trees actually allows them to reach their best growth potential, thus providing you even more shade in your yard.
When your deciduous trees have branches that extend too close to your car or driveway, a single storm can cause branches to break and destroy your property. For safety reasons, have your arborist inspect all your deciduous trees and remove dead or dying branches or parts of the tree that overhang in inconvenient areas of your landscape.
Tree Health
Suckers often grow around the bottoms or along the trunk of deciduous trees. Trees that are too thick at the top but thinner in the base of the tree may also not be getting enough sunlight, which leads to drooping branches, poor leaf production, and overall health decline in the shrubbery. Your tree specialist will prune each tree according to its needs.
Curb Appeal
Deciduous trees need to be shaped to maintain their beauty and natural shape. Left alone, branches can start to shoot out from the tops of your trees, giving them an unsightly appearance.

Like evergreen trees, deciduous trees should be pruned when they are in their dormant state. Your tree specialist will prune your trees in late winter or early spring before buds of new growth start to occur. Dead, dying, or offending branches can be removed at any time.

As a homeowner, your job is to watch for signs of ill health in all your landscape's large trees. Watch for diseased leaves, ample sap production, changes in your trees' appearance (such as odd-colored leaves or peeling bark) and insect invasions. Your arborist will also inspect your trees when they prune them and treat diseased trees as needed.

Healthy, well-groomed trees give your landscape greater appeal. Trust our tree experts at Above & Beyond Companies, Inc., to take care of your existing trees; we offer tree removal, pruning, and even tree relocation. Call us today.

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