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Maintaining a Yard With Large Trees

yard with large tree
You're a smart home investor and have recently purchased a home with large, mature trees adorning its landscape. Mature trees increase home value, and you want to ensure you keep your new property's landscape in prime condition so you get an even better return on your investment when you sell your home in the future.
Taking on a landscape with large trees can be a hassle, and you may not know where to start in managing the beautiful foliage you've acquired. Use this guide to help you in managing your new home's large, mature trees so you know what steps to take to keep the trees in their best condition.
Decide What Trees You Want to Keep
Some trees on your property are growing too close to your home, are dead or dying, or are actually weed trees that will produce seedlings that will continue to grow in your yard. You need to decide which trees are worth keeping and which ones you should have cut down.
It's important to remove excess or potentially dangerous or unhealthy trees to not only preserve the appearance of your landscape but also to allow the healthy, useful trees on your property to grow.
Another reason to remove trees in the yard is because tree roots will eventually find their way under sidewalks and fences and even into your home's pipes if you have trees in your yard fighting for water and nutrients. Eliminating pest trees can help keep tree roots from destroying your new property's landscape.
Have Your Trees Pruned
Even shade trees need to be trimmed periodically to control tree growth and enhance shade coverage. Have every tree in your yard pruned to shape branching structures and to remove dead or dying foliage. 
Pruning is an intricate art that is best left to your professional arborist. Your tree expert will trim each tree according to its species, height, and the space the living structure takes up in your yard to give your landscape a streamlined, clean appeal. Ask your arborist how often your trees need to be pruned and when; often tree pruning should be done at least once a year, depending on the species being attended to.
Remove Old Stumps
Trees may have been removed from your new property in the past, leaving behind rotting or unsightly stumps. Have your tree expert professionally remove all existing tree stumps using a stump grinder - the grinder whittles away the existing stump and roots until the unwanted structure is level with the ground, then the open space is often seeded for new grass growth.
Even if you don't have a problem with the tree stumps in your new yard, have them removed anyway. Here are a few reasons why you should have even small stumps removed from your yard:
  • Stumps house ants, bees, and other pests
  • Stumps can allow mushroom and mold growth
  • Stumps can be a trip and fall hazard
  • Stumps take up space in your yard
  • Stumps devalue your property
Before you move into your new home and begin enjoying the large, spacious trees you own, call your tree specialist to inspect every species of tree you have in your yard. Use the guidance of your tree specialist to learn the species of trees you have, how to care for each large tree, and when you need to call for professional assistance or future tree removal.
Your tree specialist will help you keep your trees healthy by showing you watering and nutrition techniques to allow your trees to thrive. Trust our tree experts at Above & Beyond Tree Service Inc to keep your trees in healthy condition.

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