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Tree Transplanting in Westfield, Indiana

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Growing Pains

When trees are first planted, they may be placed too close together or too near a driveway, building or sidewalk. As the trees grow, their roots may damage your home’s foundation and other nearby structures. You may consider cutting down a tree that is causing this type of damage. If you do, however, you’ll lose the valuable shade and comfort it provides.

Moving Existing Trees

That’s why we offer tree transplanting services. Instead of removing your magnificent tree entirely, our skilled technicians can move it to another spot on your property. With your tree moved, you’ll still be able to enjoy the shade and value it provides without having to worry about it harming your home.

Helping New Trees Thrive

If you don’t have trees, or if you would like to add more trees to better cover your property, our technicians can transplant mature trees from a previous location to your yard. We’ll help you determine the best type of tree for your property and place it in a spot that not only complements your landscaping but also allows the new plant to flourish.

The Right Equipment and Expertise

Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to successfully move your trees and help you improve your yard. Our 90-inch tree spade truck can transplant a tree up to 45 feet tall with a 12-inch trunk. With our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, we can move whatever tree you need, big or small. 

Get the Service You Need Today

If you need a tree moved to another area in your yard, or if you would like to add a mature tree to your landscape, contact us today. Our friendly staff will discuss your options for tree transplanting and provide a free estimate for your service.

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